Hawaiian Jellys

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association wearing slippers is associated with many painful health problems, including plantar fasciitis and bursitis (breaking down of the arch), shin pain, knee pain, lower back pain, neck pain and heel spurs. Years of research has led to the creation of a new, state of the art type of slipper: Hawaiian Jellys™, designed specifically to be the most comfortable slippers you will ever wear. Hawaiian Jellys™ combines advanced orthotics with super soft, compartmented silicon jelly and an air heel to give you Slip...aaahs™ with state-of-the-art heel cushioning and an end to heel drift, foot wells to hold you in, stabilization, shock absorption and arch support. You will truly enjoy wearing Hawaiian Jellys Slip...aaahs™!
Even if you have problems with your feet, you can still wear sandals with comfort and style, thanks to Hawaiian Jellys.