Heelusions are an innovative high heel accessory that gives a unique designer flair to any pair of high heeled shoes. They were created to protect high heels from becoming scuffed and marred while driving, or from everyday wear. However, Heelusions have evolved into a versatile, quickly changeable fashion statement that allows a woman to go through a full day's events with one pair of heels. Heelusions comfortably fit any size shoe with any type or height of heel — from stilettos to low kitten heels — and are easily applied to shoes in mere seconds. Further, shoe budgets can be drastically reduced. When traveling, they can simplify packing by taking only one pair of shoes and a different Heelusion pattern for each outfit. They can be customized with company and team logos, and for special events. New designs are constantly being introduced at www.heelusions.com.
Ladies, do you get your good dress shoes all scuffed up before you even get where you’re going? Take a look at this new idea from Heelusions.