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Kitten Sittin’

In today’s world we are often called upon to leave the home for periods of time. That means we need to leave our house and our cats in the care of others. It makes sense to choose a professional cat-sitting service that understands and caters specifically to cat clientele - Kitten Sittin’. Anything less would be unfair to your feline roommates. Their comfort directly relates to their happiness… and yours. Are you looking for a change and are you a knowledgeable cat person? Did you take early retirement or did you lose your job and want to be your own boss? Then a Kitten Sittin’ franchise may be right for you. You can set your own hours and set up your own clients. Think of it as a way to fulfill your dreams of owning your own business while doing something you love with the animals you love.
Do you love cats? Do you want to start your own business? Check out Kitten Sittin' and start purring.