Magnic Mirrors

Ever wish you had a mirror in the shower? Now you can, easily and cleanly, with a Magnic Mirror. Dermatologists recommend shaving, cleansing and exfoliating your skin in the shower to achieve the best results. The heat and humidity from a hot shower opens your pores and soothes your skin, promoting healthier, less irritated skin. Make-up washes off easily without leaving behind oily residue that can trigger embarrassing breakouts. The extreme humidity of a hot shower can soften hairs by up to 70%. The softer your whiskers, the less wear and tear you put on your razor blades ▬ think of all the money you'll save on refill blades. Magnic Mirrors uses the power of magnets. The two-piece mirror mounts on your shower curtain or liner. It will not deteriorate over time like suction cups. It attaches conveniently on the shower curtain or liner and is easily adjustable or movable. Suctions cups wear out and don’t work well, adhesives are not adjustable and both are susceptible to mold and mildew. Magnic Mirrors are, hands down, the best solution.
Now you can have a convenient mirror right in your shower, thanks to Magnic Mirrors.