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Mars Wellness

Since 2012 Mars Wellness has been a leader in developing and manufacturing top of the line medical supplies and equipment. Recommended by doctors and patients alike, our products help patients along the road to recovery. Our products are available for private patients, healthcare facilities and wholesalers. At any moment pain can strike, and when it does you want something that works — and works fast. Get instant relief, with Magsoothium from Mars Med Supply. Trusted by healthcare professionals, Magsoothium relieves muscle and joint pain naturally, with magnesium and arnica — two powerful ingredients proven to soothe achy muscles and reduce inflammation. Just spray it on and enjoy instant, natural relief. Or massage away aches and pain with Magsoothium cream. Then finish off with a relaxing soak in Magsoothium bath crystals. Pain has finally met its match, with Magsoothium.
When you live an active life and get injured, you don’t always have time to wait on an icepack, but with Magsoothium you can get back on track in no time.