Mighty No Bitey

Ruff on Bugs is an all-natural, organic formula that shields your dogs against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives - replacing risky chemical spot-on treatments and pills. Did you know that the goal of most common flea and tick products is to make your dog's blood literally poisonous to bugs so that bugs die when they bite your dog. We have to consider the dangers, over time, of putting poisons in our dogs' bloodstream. Convenient, sure, but at what health cost to our beloved pet? Made with freshest organic essential oils and non-GMO booster oils, Ruff on Bugs is 100% plant-based and contains nothing but safe, healthy ingredients. It's easy to use - just spritz it on, just as you would apply an insect repellent to yourself. We formulated Ruff on Bugs with a world-renowned holistic veterinarian for the best effectiveness and greatest safety for your dogs. Ruff on Bugs, Gentle on Dogs, Powerfully Protective!
Protect your dog the safe way with Ruff-on-Bugs - it's Ruff on Bugs, Gentle on Dogs