My Butterfly Pillow

According to Web MD, 63% of Americans sleep on their sides. Yet side-sleepers are mass-marketed the same rectangular pillows as everyone else. As a side sleeper, when you change positions, you most likely have to reposition a standard pillow, sometimes resulting in waking up completely. My Butterfly Pillow is designed exactly the same on each side, so regardless of what side you start out on, when you switch to the other side, the pillow is exactly the same, and you continue to sleep comfortably. My Butterfly Pillow addresses all of the discomfort areas of a side-sleeper. Side Sleepers either “wad” or stack multiple pillows in an effort to get their head and neck in alignment with their spine and hips. My Butterfly Pillow has a custom riser to elevate the head to a more comfortable position. The riser is also cut into the shape of an “A” allowing for a void underneath the pillow, perfect for an arm to be tucked without cutting off circulation. The removable ear pillow is cut into cubes, allowing the ear to “float” on the top of the pillow, never allowing for a single point of pressure. The ear pillow is also infused with ceramic gel cooling particles, to keep the ear cool all night long. The integral speakers are embedded below the removable ear pillow to allow for the sound to be audible, yet not loud enough to disturb your sleeping partner.
If you sleep on your side, I'll bet you find it tough to get a good night's sleep. Now, there's My Butterfly Pillow to the rescue.