My Pet Code

My Pet Code has enhanced the rescue experience by embedding a microchip into a traditional ID tag to give those who matter access to your pet’s vital information. With a simple tap of a smartphone a rescuer can phone-blast up to 5 of your contacts simultaneously, trigger email and SMS alerts, and even provide them with GPS coordinates. All a rescuer needs to do is go to the settings, turn ON the NFC functionality and then tap the back of the phone to the Smart Tag. Imagine this ... you’re away on business or leisure activity and your pet is at the sitters place. You get a call, you don’t know the number so you don’t answer, little do you know that your pet has escaped and it’s the rescuer calling you because your number is on the tag. Your fur baby is now at the pound and you’ll have to pay to get him back. Just update your pet's profile, press Save and all of your information automatically syncs to your pet's Smart Tag.
Keep your beloved pets safe with My Pet Code.