Navien America

Welcome to the nice, warm bed of your dreams. We each have own preferred sleeping temperature. The Comfort-Mate lets you and your partner each manage your own side of the bed, independently. Warm yourself, not your room. The Comfort-Mate gives you the wonderful warmth you want, right where you want it – right there in your bed. It’s energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Just connect your heating unit to your ultra-slim mattress topper with our easy one-click connector, fill with distilled water, and choose your preferred settings. Hot air systems can dry out your air and spread the common cold and flu viruses. Electric blankets are uneven, unreliable and hazard-prone. The Comfort-Mate is the elegant way to achieve a perfectly healthy sleeping environment you’ve been searching for.
Ready for a new way of keeping your bed warm at night? Comfort-Mate keeps you at just the right temperature.