In an active household, the buildup of mildew and odor from well-used sporting gear, clothes, shoes, garbage cans, etc. can be more than a nuisance - it can also cause skin conditions. There are many odor-masking products on the market today, but most of them merely cover up the odor and do little to address the moisture or the growth of germs. O-Liminator inhibits 99% of bacteria, including staph, E-coli, and MRSA. While great for sports related items such as gym bags, lockers, shoes, and more, O-Liminator can also be an asset around the home, to help rid odors associated with pets, garbage cans, musty closets and damp basement areas … even cars or other vehicles.
Get the stink out of your athletic gear and other shoes and clothing. The O-Liminator takes care of it for you.