ORO Classics Premium

E-pickpocketing is occurring at alarming rates around the world. With portable devices as small as a smartphone, thieves steal data by simply walking by and scanning RFID-enabled documents like passports, credit cards, driver licenses, and ID cards. The Mahalo passport wallet, however, is made with RFID-blocking material called iGuard, and encrypted nets that block the view for unsuspecting onlookers. As the ideal travel companion, Mahalo features top-of-the-line construction that enables quick and easy access to important documents and assets. Mahalo also stores flat bills and coins, with easy-access slots for daily cards, and a pull tab that opens up a storage area for infrequent cards.
As a businessman and frequent traveler, I see a lot of people encounter fraud and identity theft, and it all could’ve been avoided if they simply had the RFID-blocking passport wallet from Mahalo.”