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Posture Pals

Look better ▬ move better ▬ feel better. Posture Pals help you to maintain your desired position whether it is for sports like golf or recreation like dancing ▬ improving your sitting or standing posture or simply for presentation and general appearance. They can help you regain your confidence and alleviate pain, such as when spending long stretches of time sitting at the computer or in the driver's seat. Posture Pals are comfortable, breathable, inconspicuous, whether you use them to bolster you during sporting activities or just gentle support during normal daily activities. They generally last from 5 to 7 days and are hypoallergenic and latex free. Posture Pals adhere directly to the body to maximize correction. The strong resistance encourages you to return to your desired position and the strong recoil helps to reduce fatigue. They conform to the body, have a very low profile and are made from highly breathable fabric which dries quickly making them arguably the most comfortable posture support system on the market today. Posture Pals are highly stretchable, allowing full range of motion ▬ they can correct your position whether you are addressing your golf ball or addressing the board. They're versatile enough to support the abdomen during pregnancy, the shoulder and the knee as well as both upper and lower back.
Want to like the way you look, stand and move again? Posture Pals can help.