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Those with potted plants know, threatening weather—whether extreme heat, freezing cold, or high winds—can be dire for potted plants. When inclement weather is imminent, moving these potted plants safely inside is imperative but the bigger they are, the harder that is. The Potwheelz, plant dolly, on the other hand, is the safest, easiest way to transport potted plants. Ideal for the home gardener, property manager, nursery operator, or commercial landscaper, the patented Potwheelz is specially designed to keep potted plants in a balanced position, with a third, back wheel to prevent drops and spills. This also allows the plant dolly to effortlessly lift up to 400 lbs with the standard Potwheelz, or even 660 lbs with the commercial model. Both models are made of solid steel and powder-coated to protect from rust and corrosion. With run-flat, airless tires, potted plant owners can easily maneuver over sand, rocks, gravel, dips, and curbs. Whether moving a large potted plant, 55-gallon drum, gas tank, rocks, or mulch, Potwheelz helps save consumers time, money, and a lot of backache.
If you love gardening, this tool is a must: the Potwheelz garden dolly. Watch it in action.