Powder Pouch

Whether you’re surfing, swimming or relaxing on the beach with friends or little ones, Powder Pouch will brush the sand off to keep you comfortable. Powder Pouch is made of soft cotton and is pre-filled with a starting supply of unscented cornstarch. It releases just enough powder to get the sand or other debris off your skin leaving you feeling smooth and comfortable. When the pouch is empty, it’s refillable with your favorite powder. It’s also washable and reusable and will last for several seasons. And you know it works based on proven science - cornstarch is an astringent, meaning that it dries the surface of your skin, allowing sand to simply fall away. No magic, no gimmicks - with a few pats of the Powder Pouch, the cornstarch is released to easily brush away beach sand, leaving you feeling smooth and comfortable.
Love the beach but not the sand? Let Powder Pouch sweep it away.