We love our dogs, but house-training can be particularly trying. Many available training aids are the wrong size, too bulky or overly complicated. Now, there's PupPeeWrap, a simple and easy way to protect your home during house-training or from territory marking, and to protect your dog after surgery or skin treatment. Competing products require complete removal in order for the dog to relieve himself. Some are bulky and difficult to put on, or the dog can squirm out of it. PupPeeWrap provides breathability, flexibility, comfort and fashion for your best friend. It's easy to use with the addition of a common panty-liner. Washable, adjustable, fashionable, lightweight and stretchable, PupPeeWrap is available in appropriate sizes for 3-75 lb. dogs.
Trying to house-train your dog? Trust PupPeeWrap to help keep things clean and dry.