Puppy Pad Wizard

The patented Puppy Pad Wizard combines a unique design that is made just for dogs with the convenience of storing your used puppy pads in your home until trash day without unwanted odor. Puppy pads, or wee wee pads, as they are sometimes called, are a housetraining solution that is practical and used by dogs of all ages. The used puppy pads are collected and thrown away by way of the Puppy Pad Wizard’s push-out drawer, that, when closed, automatically drops the pad into the disposal bag. Push the top button of the Puppy Pad Wizard and it will activate the odor neutralizing spray. Each Puppy Pad Wizard comes with Puppy Pad Wizard bags and Puppy Pad Wizard refresh odor neutralizing spray. Enjoy your puppy, but not the pew! With Puppy Pad Wizard.
Everyone loves a small, adorable dog, but they can be high maintenance. Thankfully, the Puppy Pad Wizard is here to help.