Everyone is looking for something a bit different these days, whether it's to give for a birthday, as a new baby gift, Christmas present or just a way of saying thank you. We feel we have that something DIFFERENT here for you, stunningly simple yet effective as a Night Light, Mood Light or as a piece of decoration in your home or office. Rainbolights - 3D Illusion lights that bring a two dimensional image to life. These lights are made from a thin sheet of acrylic glass which has been laser-cut to create a light-emitting 3D effect. See through it during the day but in the dark, with the light on, it creates a beautiful optical illusion which is both functional and a great design piece that everyone will love. All Rainbolights come with base unit, acrylic insert, USB cable and a/c plug.
What's better than turning on a light? A light that turns you on. Like RainboLights.