Shyft Advanced Manufacturing / Ice Bullet

The Ice Bullet allows users to freeze a standard 12 ounce beverage can, eliminating the need to pack the cooler full of ice. Everyone relies on filling a cooler with ice and hoping it doesn’t melt before they reach in to get a cold drink. But ice takes up valuable cooler space not allowing the user to “fill it up” with what they really want to keep cold. Then, ice melts and usually turns into a messy cooler full of water. On an extended multi-day trip where electricity and fresh ice are not available, the drinks are soon no longer cold. The Ice Bullet allows users to pack at least 20% more of their chosen beverage. Of course, when the frozen cans thaw, the campers simply drink the contents.
There’s nothing better on a hot day than a nice cold drink. But how do you keep them that way? Here’s help, from the Ice Bullet.