Simplicity Pet Care

Dogs are more than just pets, they’re family members, which is why they should receive the same quality nutrition as their owners. While many dental treats contain harmful fillers and ingredients from China, Patriot 5 Star Ameri-Chews are a delicious daily treat made in America with 100% American ingredients. Patriot 5 Star’s mission is to provide pets across the country with affordable and nutritious treats made with the highest quality, American-sourced ingredients. Crafted with exceptional care, Ameri-Chews improve dental hygiene and keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean through natural gnawing and chewing instinct. Grain-free and gluten-free, everything about Ameri-Chews is 100% American, from the ingredients right down to the ink on the bags. A portion of all proceeds from Ameri-Chews goes to nonprofit organizations supporting American initiatives such as PTSD awareness, local K9 unit support, wounded soldier support, search and rescue dog training, and pairing veterans with pet companions.
For a safe and patriotic treat, Ameri-chews are exactly what you’re dog needs.