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Simply Touch

Many glaucoma patients find it difficult if not impossible to administer their prescription eye-drops without spilling a good deal of the bottle's contents in the attempt. Therefore, they run out of medication in less than the 30 days their insurance plan requires before the plan will cover another bottle. That leaves the patients faced with a dilemma: to purchase more medicine at a cost around $150-$160 per bottle in order to stay in compliance with their prescription, or risk going without, which can result in a rise in pressure within the inner eye, causing additional sight loss. Also, some people are not capable of self-administering their eye drops at all. Now, with the use of the Simply Touch, they can keep their prescription going much longer and physical limitations no longer prevent them from taking their medication. Collaboration between an ophthalmologist and a plastics engineer has solved the problem for effective application of eye drops. Simply Touch allows for a consistent application with no waste of precious, expensive medication which in turn minimizes refills and saves money. The Simply Touch enhances compliance of medically necessary topical drops for pre/post-op, glaucoma and dry eyes.
If you use eye drops, you don't want most of your costly prescription running down your cheeks. See what Simply Touch can do for you.