Crafted from 100% solid, sustainable American Cherry heartwood, simplysitting's ‘sweet seat’ is an evolutionary leap in design. Unlike rigid, flat, two-legged benches, the sweet seat is self-centering and curved for comfort. The revolutionary, patented, pedestal leg is so stable and perfectly balanced it will stand on its own. The sweet seat promotes perfect posture and allows for full, expansive breathing as it supports you weightlessly. Its ingenious design allows you to roll gently in all directions, in perfect comfort. The ultra lightweight package breaks down in one swift, snappy magnetic motion, and tucks into a rugged, handmade merino wool sleeve for easy portability. Smaller and lighter than a notebook, the seat and sleeve easily slip into your bag or backpack. Beginners, longtime meditators, yogis, doctors and holistic practitioners find the sweet seat provides an elegant and simple solution to poor posture, restricted breathing, slouching as well as knee, back and ankle pain. It also eliminates the need to buy, store, transport or clean bulky mats and cushions. And if you are looking for some extra motivation for your meditation, this cherry keepsake makes an irresistible invitation to daily practice.
Much more than a meditation bench - find true center with simplysitting.