Patented plush toy soap and sponge holders, Soapets, are the only products on the market that teach kids to wash themselves. They come in seven different animal characters and each one has a pouch in which a parent can put a bar of soap or use the sponge that comes with it for liquid soap. By making bath time fun for the kids, parents will find their day goes much easier. Soapets are AblePlay Rated toys with proven developmental skill ratings for Sensory, Communicative, Physical, Cognitive and Social/Emotional categories ▬ they are play products for children of all abilities. Other items on the market are geared towards parents washing their children and require a thorough cleaning themselves after every use. Soapets only need to be laundered once a week and can be casually thrown in the washer and hung to dry.
Check out Soapets - they’re going to make your kids love bath time like never before.