Starkids Products

Driving with small children can be noisy, chaotic and aggravating ... or it can be a peaceful, fun and enjoyable time. The difference can be the Snack & Play Travel Tray from Star Kids Products. The Snack & Play won 1st Prize in the Whirlpool Brand Mother of Invention contest in September 2006 showing that it was connecting with parents everywhere. The Snack & Play provides the child with a firm surface area on which to eat and play. Food is better controlled with less spilling into the body of the car and once snack time is over, the Snack & Play continues to serve the young passenger as a sturdy surface on which to play with favorite toys and puzzles. Travel time becomes easier and more fun for EVERYONE.
For all moms, you’ve gotta check out Snack & Play by Starkids Products. They know how to make travelling with kids easy!