Moms know more than anyone, breastfeeding can be quite a handful. Struggling to hold a shirt up, unhook the nursing bra or tank, and orchestrate latching (all while trying to calm a hungry, fussy baby) can be a frustrating experience for any mom. The Sucklebuckle is a nursing device that props a nursing mother's top so the mother doesn't have to, allowing mothers to more easily nurse while wearing non-nursing clothes. Comfortably wearing pre-pregnancy wardrobe is always a luxury, and the Sucklebuckle® makes that happen while accommodating breastfeeding needs. The Sucklebuckle® frees a hand or a chin for a mother, and provides comfort and safety for the baby by securing excess material away.
Hey, new moms, check out The Sucklebuckle, it’s a unique nursing device that’s a must-have.