Does your pet get nervous or anxious from loud noises, out-of-house trips or your daily absence? The Swaddleshirt alleviates the fear, anxiety, hyperactivity, insecurity, and shyness that make some dogs' lives difficult. The design uses acupressure and gentle, constant, maintained pressure and has been tested and perfected over the years. The most important factor in using the “swaddleshirt” is the fit. It must be comfortable, but also snug to maintain the gentle pressure which alleviates the stress. The swaddling effect of the Swaddleshirt helps to lessen anxiety during thunderstorms, fireworks or separation anxiety. It is made from lightweight, breathable material that is comfortable for your pet. There are no fastening points, just slip it over the dog’s head, pull the front legs through and pull down over the chest and belly. It moves and stretches with your dogs' activities and does not impede their normal hustle and bustle. It can be left on when you are away to reduce separation anxiety or put on before you leave for your appointment at the vet.
Is your dog the anxious type? Give him a reassuring hug that lasts ... with the Swaddle-Shirt.