Shoveling snow can be painful, and that pain means tens of thousands of people need medical attention due to snow shoveling injuries. Stop shoveling snow the old fashioned way—use The HEFT and stand upright! The HEFT is the fastest, easiest-attaching secondary handle for most standard, long shaft tools (like shovels, rakes, brooms, and more), making them more ergonomic to help reduce pain, fatigue, and potential injury. In less than a second, The HEFT attaches with a simple twist of the wrist. With no moving parts or tools needed for installation, the award-winning secondary handle immediately puts users in a more upright position. This preferred position helps reduce pain and decrease the risk of back injury, making snow shoveling or gardening a whole lot easier and safer.
If shoveling snow isn’t exactly your idea of fun, don’t worry—The HEFT has your back!