Ultra Compost

Ultra Compost is pure food waste compost and chemical free. Our organic compost products provide organic matter, nutrients, and beneficial microbes to make healthy soil. We make and add in our own biochar. Biochar is a powerful soil enhancer that adds and holds carbon making soils more fertile. Quality natural compost provides soil with the essentials for growing healthy plants. Compost creates structure for the soil, making room that allows for water, air, and the roots to move more freely. It also allows for increased water holding capacity. Plants grown in good soil are healthier and have greater resistance to diseases and insects. By reducing the need for pesticides and fertilizers you save money and plants grow healthier. Using fewer synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers also reduces your risk of contaminating drinking wells, local streams, ponds, and lakes. Most importantly, not contaminating your family or pets. We sell bagged compost so it is easy to carry, store, and use. Works great in raised bed gardens, container gardening, or with houseplants.
If you want to make sure your garden and lawn are as healthy as possible, then take a look at how Ultra Compost can help.