Vasco Bags

Let Vasco Bags make your journey simple and effortless. Vasco offers a smart set of 7 customized bags that can take the stress out of your travel experience. First, there is a 3-piece kit of basic packing cubes. The sewn-in fastener mechanism helps reduce the volume of the luggage by up to 60%. The kit contains three bags of different sizes (small, medium & large). Then, there's the shoe bag. Your shoes can travel neatly separated from clothes and other things. Special construction material absorbs odors and kills bacteria. Then the cosmetics bag, which conveniently and compactly encloses personal care products essential for traveling. Using the hook found on the inside the bag, it's easy to hang it even in the smallest bathroom. There's a dedicated bag for cables and electronics, a great solution for the problem of multiple cords, chargers and other accessories one needs on a trip. The cords are neatly stacked so they will never get tangled or damaged. Finally, there's a specialized document case. No need to frantically search for your ticket, passport or boarding pass. You will now have everything at hand. The wallet is also equipped with special anti-theft RFID technology.
Simplify your travel with the help of organizing luggage from Vasco Bags.