WonderFold Outdoor

Reliable, Creative, Fun. This is the original folding wagon, from Wonderfold Outdoor. With Wonderfold Outdoor, you can embrace the beautiful sun and spend more time having fun outdoors. Wonderfold Outdoor knows first-hand the importance of safety, which is why some of the unique key features include the spring bounce technology handle, the innovative handle function that allows consistent control of the direction of the wheels, and the folding ability that allows you to open the wagon safely and easily in seconds. With a high weight capacity, the Wonderfold Outdoor wagons are the perfect products for easy transport of all kinds of goods. This revolutionary product provides an easy way to transport goods and children, to make life easier and save time for fun. The standard stroller can only carry one child with limited space for other stuff, or two children in a very big stroller. This wagon can carry two children and both can lie down safely inside and still have decent space for goods ▬ while remaining more compact than a single-child stroller. Wonderfold Outdoor products are U.S. patented.
If you need to be able to get around with small kids and other stuff ... WonderFold Outdoor has got you covered.