The safety and security of your family and pets is paramount. Keeping track of major possessions can be almost as important. Now there is an inexpensive GPS tracking solution for everything and everyone you love. Yepzon. A small, wafer-shaped device that can be easily and unobtrusively worn by a person or a pet, Yepzon utilizes Bluetooth and GPS technology to send real-time tracking information to its smartphone app. Free of any personal information so there is nothing for hackers to see, Yepzon simply informs you of where it is at any given time, even while moving. With a long rechargeable battery life, Yepzon is easy to use and totally secure. It's an easy, reliable way to keep track of children, adults, pets and important possessions.
Yepzon is a GPS device for everything in your life that you care about. Now THIS is a product worth tracking.