ZG Sports

Introducing the ZGuards SmartSleeve: The world’s first forearm protector with a brain. The ZGuards SmartSleeve offers both protection and connection. You get the superior performance that ZGuards has given legends like Rubén Sierra and embedded technology that lets you share digital content with teammates, friends – or, for a business – customers. This is going to change the game. ZGuards are forearm protective sleeves, field-tested for more than 15 years by pros such as Rubén Sierra and David Ortiz. Whether the game is baseball, football, basketball or volleyball there are many technical benefits to wearing the ZGuards SmartSleeve. These fall mainly into two categories: protection and connection. It protects against blows and abrasions, reducing risk of injury; maintains muscular temperature, reducing risk of muscle strains; provides additional support and compression; plus absorbs sweat, providing hygiene and comfort. Meanwhile, it allows full range of motion and flexibility while providing the security to perform with confidence. Thanks to an embedded chip, the ZGuard SmartSleeve is the only product of its kind that connects athletes, allowing them to instantly share scout videos, team schedules, personal highlight videos, personal or social content of their choice.
When it comes to sports wear, there’s nothing quite like the Zip Guard sports sleeve. See for yourself.