Zinc Flyte

Is it a suitcase? Is it a scooter? Well, yes actually, it’s both of them. Introducing ZFlyte, our brand new case scooter. We know that travel can be a pain, especially for families navigating the globe (or the road to Grandma’s house). But it shouldn’t be. ZFlyte is a compact piece of stow-away-sized luggage, that works as a pull-along case and then even has its own flip out deck so your child has their own scooter on-the-go. We need to let kids travel in a fun way, while also giving them the space to take along all of their travel essentials (which may or may not be half the toy box). It also needs to be a practical piece of luggage and a safe scooter, to give parents peace of mind. So that’s what we designed: a soft, squidgy, but sturdy suitcase, an easy-to-use pull-along trolley, and most importantly, a safe and fun scooter to ride around the world. We can’t promise an end to ‘Are we there yet?’, but we’re passionate about turning travel into the adventure it should be.
If you travel with youngsters, they'll love these new travel bags that turn into scooters ... the Z-Flyte.