A New You in the New Year

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As the sun is getting ready to set on yet another year (and this time, an entire decade) that only means that it is also getting ready to rise at the dawn of another. How many years have you sworn that this new year was going to be the year? The year you get in better shape. The year you lose “X” amount of weight. The year you finally take up that new hobby or activity.

If you are like many of the rest of us, chances are that year ended up being like most of the others before it. But the great thing about it is that as long as you’re still here, ringing in another one of those potential packed new years, then you have a brand-new opportunity to make this year the year!

AsSeenOnTV.pro Senior Product Manager Mike Visnick had this to say in regards to the various products that they offer to help customers take control of their overall health: “Knowing that Health and Wellness products enhance consumers’ quality of life… the most fulfilling part of my career is to provide a platform to top tier companies for them to get their products in front of the mass market which leads to more people improving their lives’ through our efforts.”

Here’s Kevin Harrington’s top 10 product picks that can help you kick start your new wellness trends and healthy habits for the New Year:

Fresca Natural

This 100% natural aromatherapy deodorant roll-on is vegan and gluten free with no aluminum, parabens or alcohol and it works great. 

Ceregumil for Kids Algae Omega 3 DHA

Want to keep your kids on a healthy track this new year? This essential liquid multivitamin supplement provides children with the vitamins necessary for healthy growth.


Allerpops Prebiotic Lollipops are great for sinus and nasal health.  It’s both seasonal and all year natural supplement that provides allergy relief.

Doctor’s Nutrition

If you can’t seem to fit in a visit to the doctor’s office during this busy new year, here’s an easy way to gain access to quality doctors and supplementation through this convenient online clinic.

BioDose Pharma – GlutaDose Wellness

Here’s a way to keep yourself healthy in the new year – build your health from the cells up!  Maintain optimal health with GlutaDose Wellness. This dietary supplement acts as a cell protector, antioxidant, immune builder and detox, all in one. 

Wagner Solutions/MuscleShok

Stay in the game and help improve your physical performance with MuscleShok Sports Gel. This amazing product provides muscle and joint pain relief and promotes muscle recovery. 


Protect your loved ones this new year with this must-have, lifesaving choking rescue device. LifeVac is easy to use and made in the USA.  

High Country Labs

Choose only the best CBD Hemp Oil products in 2020.  High Country Labs grows, processes and manufactures on their family owned farm in Colorado.  They’ve received rave reviews!

A Balanced Choice

Many pet owners have found that CBD products are a natural alternative to pet ailments.  A Balanced Choice specializes in CBD supplements for pets – your pets deserve the best too.

Serendipity Candles

Here’s a fortunate stroke of serendipity for your new year!  All natural, made of pure soy wax, no synthetic fragrances and no harmful ingredients, Serendipity Candles create a relaxing ambiance that’s better for you and the environment.

These are just a few of the countless options available to people who are looking to improve their general health and wellness not only in the coming year, but in the years to follow. It’s important to remember that this isn’t something that you are doing only for yourself, but also for everyone you love and who cares about you. And for those of us with children still growing up, instilling a sense of awareness about your physical and emotional wellbeing is something that will have a lasting impact on how they view their lives as they advance in age.

Steven Martin, Product Manager at AsSeenOnTV.pro made this statement about the overall state of wellness and how it relates to their consumers: “I believe that wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being, and I sincerely believe that many of the products we work with reflect that same belief.”