to Host Innovator’s Think Tank Event June 6th and 7th

Kevin Thinktank will be hosting their 9th & 10th, quarterly Innovator’s Think Tank Event on June 6th and 7th at the Marriott Hotel in Coral Springs, Florida. These one-day exclusive events for participants of DRTV campaigns offers an opportunity for innovators to personally meet Kevin Harrington and the prestigious advisory board, comprised of the top movers and shakers in the retail industry. Kevin Harrington, founder of the As Seen on TV Brand and one of the original “Sharks” on the Emmy award winning television show “Shark Tank”, will provide his insights and expertise to those in attendance, on how to reach the next level of success.

At the event, Kevin will be zeroing in on the importance of the perfect pitch and discussing future possibilities for marketing and retail. Every entrepreneur and innovator should know how to pitch their business and their ideas. Kevin has been pitched over 50,000 times in his career by inventors, entrepreneurs, people looking for distribution, capital, and a partner. This experience has led him to easily spot a good pitch or a pitch that would fall flat on its face. As a result, he has created the 10 steps on how to properly pitch. He will also discuss the importance of the perfect pitch and testimonials, how to craft your pitch to different audiences, and how to create an irresistible offer close.

The team at is proud to be welcoming our newest advisory board member, Darren Todfield, to his first Innovator’s Think Tank. Darren Todfield is the President and CEO of Leisure Time Inc. and represents major DRTV agencies and marketers, selling over 200 million dollars in product sales on the shelves of Bed, Bath & Beyond.

“The event is not for those who are looking for an overnight success story, but rather for innovators and entrepreneurs who are willing to work for it,” said Kevin Harrington . If this sounds like you, and you are interested in a DRTV media campaign and the future possibility of attending this exclusive event, please contact us at