Knows the Secret Behind A-List Celebrities’ Glow

DRTV spot

Joy Romano is the owner of Brazil Bronze Glow Bar, a chic spray tanning salon in NYC and Spray Tan Product Manufacturer. Brazil Bronze Glow Bar has been in the spray tan business for over 15 years and their claim to fame is that they don’t just manufacture spray tan products, they have actual experience spray tanning thousands of clients weekly in their famous NYC spray tan salons for close to two decades. When they formulate their products, they take into account their clients feedback and that is a major part of the creation of a new product.

While Joy isn’t about name dropping, knows that many A-List Celebrities utilize Brazil Bronze’s services. Brazil Bronze offers spray tan services for all major events, award shows,movies and T.V. shows.

Brazil Bronze’s mission is to make everyone feel beautiful one spray tan at a time. For this reason, although Brazil Bronze headquarters is located in the ritzy Upper East Side, they have kept their prices reasonable so the average person can enjoy the same spray tan as their favorite A-List celebrity.

Brazil Bronze supplies their spray tan products to luxury salons and spa’s in the United States and worldwide. They also offer spray tan certification which includes spray tan techniques, the business side of spray tanning (how to grow your business) and spray tan safety. Thousands of spa’s and salons worldwide offer Brazil Bronze spray tans.

The latest Brazil Bronze product came about while Joy was applying her nightly regimen of beauty creams. She realized that there was one problem that needed a solution when it comes to spray tanning. A spray tan takes hours to develop and you cannot use any other products while the tan is developing. So what did she do? she created the hybrid beauty/tanning product “Brazil Bronze Anti-Aging Spray Tan Mist”, adding the top anti-aging ingredients of a night cream such as resveratrol, hyaluronic, vitamin C and Vitamin D into their famous Brazil Bronze tanning formula. When she received the samples from the lab, the results were exactly what she hoped for. It actually improved the spray tan! The tan applies better, lasts longer and keeps the skin hydrated resulting in a tan that fades more like a natural tan.

Joy was contacted by to share her products with the world and formed a strategic alliance with with Kevin Harrington. To quote Joy, “the experience was great! The entire production team was highly professional and I worked closely with my direct response TV writer, Mike Tallon. I had a very specific vision for my 60 second DRTV spot and he was able to capture it in words. I serve as the Brand Ambassador for my products and we filmed in NYC – I’m really happy with the quality and message.”

Brazil Bronze has been promoting their products and their DRTV spot with retargeting ads, SEO, social media and cross-promotion efforts with Joy’s been working collaboratively with the VP of Business Development, Lisa Vrancken to leverage the DRTV spot and the product is being featured in a full-size ad in Allure Magazine.  Brazil Bronze was voted Best in Beauty 6 consecutive years in Allure Magazine and Vogue Calls Brazil Bronze “The Perfect Tan.” did an initial product evaluation on the Brazil Bronze Anti-Aging spray and found that the product is great for those who enjoy spray tanning, especially because the face is typically the first area to fade. “This product is a great way to touch up a tan. It also would appeal to someone who doesn’t want to tan their whole body and may just want to have a healthy glow on their face, said’s Senior Product Manager, Melissa Leibowitz.”

Kevin Harrington, the original Shark himself said the product is definitely a great solution and compliment to spray tanning. It’s applied with a very light spray mist, not an aerosol. The benefit is that you can control the amount of spray. It’s great for men and women – just a few light sprays rubbed evenly with your tanning mitt and after eight hours you have a beautiful tan or glow. The clear mist has no artificial coloring, no odor and it’s not messy – the product creates a natural looking tan. was happy to share the secret of the celebrity glow, with the world. Get your glow on!

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