Prepares for 6th Quarterly Innovators Think Tank

Think Tank and its Co-Executive Producer Kevin Harrington are preparing for the DRTV powerhouse’s 6th Quarterly Innovators’ Think Tank.

The 6th Quarterly Innovators Think Tank is scheduled to roll out Monday, October 3, 2016, at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Coral Springs Hotel, Golf Club & Convention Center. The chosen company reps will be able to meet and talk to Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks from the Emmy Award-winning reality TV show, Shark Tank.

“I really enjoy hosting our – Innovators’ Think Tank events.  It’s my opportunity to personally meet with our DRTV campaign participants and educate them on all aspects of DRTV promotion and sales,” – Kevin Harrington, Co-Executive Producer.

The company reps will also be able to gain advice and guidance from event’s respected Advisory Board, who are the masters in their respective fields of retail, live shopping networks, DRTV, digital media, radio, print media, and direct response TV. They will be pitching their product to Kevin, the Executive Team, and the Advisory Board. An unprecedented opportunity to be seen, heard and noticed.

The attendees will gain keen insight on how to optimize the 15 month DRTV campaign in the branding and sales areas, how to pitch products to the top markets and distribution outlets, and receive advice from Harrington, one of the most popular, high-earning infomercial celebrities in the world, about product packaging, production, and more.

“Guiding innovators and entrepreneurs on how to stay on their game, encouraging perseverance while taking the next steps and sharing valuable expertise is amazingly gratifying,” – Kevin Harrington.

The Quarterly Innovators Think Tank is a unique forum for innovators and entrepreneurs. It is a proven way to assist inventors, creators, in leveraging DRTV campaigns for their products, gain expertise in digital marketing activities, such as how to optimize video marketing to attract customers, and take their breakthrough product to the next level. To learn more about our Innovators Think Tank click here.