Banana Vital Testimonial

Dear Lisa & the team,

Let me begin by commending you all on a smooth and flawless service that the team at has provided. I have experienced nothing less than a superior professional service. Obviously, it’s natural to be skeptical about anyone contacting you to market your product with them. It happened with me when I got a voicemail from telling me that they represented Kevin Harrington (one of the original shark’s from Shark Tank). The message was that they were interested in learning about my company and brand, Banana Vital, and asked me to call them back. I took a leap of faith and decided to call back, and I actually challenged the person that I was speaking with, that if Kevin himself would call me, then I will consider working with them. I didn’t believe that Kevin was going to call, but to my surprise he did – I was stunned with  Kevin’s willingness to FaceTime call, but most importantly, with his commitment to want to assist Banana Vital.

I can say that I regret only a few things in my life, connecting with the team at is definitely NOT something I regret. I was amazed at the level of organization and commitment the whole team put into working with Banana Vital on creating an amazing TV commercial. I also had the opportunity to attend one of their Innovator Think Tank events and meet Kevin and his advisory board, and had the pleasure to meet Lisa Vrancken, what an amazing women! Lisa took the time from her busy day to connect me with a natural products distributor, and now my product is being distributed in 50 retail stores! I can honestly say, they helped take my product to the next level!

I would have no reservations recommending with Kevin Harrington to anyone considering marketing their business.

Their word is true.

I’m looking forward to a long-lasting partnership.



Gracienne Myers