Benefits of Direct Response Television

Direct Response Television (DRTV) campaigns are a great way to get your service in front of millions of people. Over the last several years DRTV has become more popular because it’s affordable, measurable and companies see a significant increase in sales when they advertise this way. Kevin Harrington the co-executive producer of Services On TV  shares his thoughts on DRTV and how it benefits a companies bottom line.

3 Benefits of Direct Response Television

Cost Effective-advertising whether it’s print or television can be very expensive. DRTV campaigns are a bit different though. They are not as expensive as traditional television ads. This opens up a great opportunity for companies with a smaller budget. Many companies find DRTV an affordable way to generate a lot of money. If you don’t have the marketing budget for traditional television ads DRTV campaigns may be a good choice. If you do have the budget for television ads you should still consider DRTV because you will be reaching your target audience in a different way.

Measurable Marketing Strategy-it used to be that advertisements were measured by frequency and reach. In some cases this is still the model. DRTV ads can be measured almost immediately. If your DRTV campaign has a strong call to action and represents your service you will most likely see a significant increase in business the next day. Not only will you know where your marketing dollars are being spent but you will be surprised at the increase in sales.

Direct Branding-DRTV campaigns increase brand awareness and direct sales at the same time. Not only are you getting direct sales but you’re getting your product into the heads of consumers across the country, which may turn into sales down the line as well.

DRTV campaigns are an effective way to get your service in front of millions of viewers. Services that have mass appeal and solve a problem are ideal for DRTV campaigns.

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