Bezi Success Story

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In the entrepreneurial world, there is no glass ceiling; however, there is a hidden wall. When I launched my product and company, I faced a hidden wall. Men in business who saw me and my company as a joke. I even dragged my husband to a meeting. Although I had owned a retail business, this new business venture was seen as a “hobby.” Why? Because I am a woman. Call me sensitive!

When Fortune Media Group reached out and invited me to use their services, I jumped. Wow, to be recognized as having a successful business. It has been a pleasure working with their team. The 30 and 60 second ad spots are beautiful and professionally done.

Next, I met with Lisa Vrancken. Speaking with Lisa has been amazing. She is now working with me to explore retail and live shopping opportunities.
No nonsense. Lisa understands the challenges that women and small businesses face. She asked and answered serious business questions. Lisa understands the unique challenges of moving a business forward in this digital age.

I feel truly grateful to be able to recommend Lisa Vrancken and the Team at Fortune Media Group.

Anne Zuckerman
Edith’s, Inc.