Brand Response Television vs. Direct Response Television, Which is Right for You?

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Making every dollar spent on television campaigns count is an important goal for businesses. Oftentimes, businesses don’t understand the difference between brand response TV campaigns and direct response TV campaigns, and so they are unable to determine which is right for their product or service and goals. Below will delve into the world of BRTV and DRTV, helping you determine which is right for your business to invest in!

Brand Response TV vs. Direct Response TV

BRTV allows brands to connect with their consumers in a variety of ways that traditional methods can’t touch. Simply put, BRTV allows for the tracking of results from sales, evaluating advertising messages and other important campaign pieces. Companies can form immediate connections with their buyers through the collection of consumer data.

Direct Response TV advertising has evolved and proven to be a cost-effective tool capable of motivating consumers to buy via a specific call to action, which could include picking up the phone, visiting a website or finding the product at a retail location. DRTV is often considered the more modern and forward thinking of the two types of TV advertising campaigns, and for some, the most effective marketing campaign when considering brand response vs. direct response. Kevin Harrington, the As Seen On TV founder, launched hundreds of products through direct response television campaigns, resulting in billions of dollars of successful sales for product launches.

Does BRTV Work As Well As DRTV?

BRTV provides a platform for companies to tell their story. Many successful companies utilize 60-second spots to educate consumers on their brand. By using BRTV, consumers can learn about the problems the company’s product or service aims to solve and the different features and benefits of the product/service. Consumers can witness the product in action or learn more about the service, making their buyer’s journey more comfortable. Market research has found that knowing a company’s story increases the chances of the consumer remembering the company’s brand in their time of need or want in purchasing the product or service.

However, there are several reasons why DRTV has been so long-lived, as compared to BRTV. For a nominal cost, advertisers can place scores of airings on a wide variety of television networks specifically chosen based upon the demographic makeup of the viewer. Measuring response and effectiveness can be achieved with relative ease. This allows companies both large and small to participate in a DRTV campaign that produces sales and valuable marketing data in return.

Another strength of DRTV is the ability to track and measure customer responses allowing access to vital information, i.e. conversion rates, who is buying, where they are, and when they purchased. This data represents powerful metrics an organization can use to make key business decisions including how to spend funds allocated to marketing.

Is your idea the next big thing? If you think so, submit your product or service idea to Kevin Harrington and our team for evaluation. We’ll let you know if we think your product or service is right for an TV Media Campaign, and if it is, our team will walk you through next steps. Don’t hesitate, act now!