CBD Brand Review by ASONTV with Kevin Harrington – Huntsboro Hemp Company

Huntsboro Hemp Cbd Oil

You may be looking for your first CBD oil or maybe you have soreness and want some relief or maybe you aren’t getting quality sleep. It could also be that you have previously tried several CBD products, but they didn’t meet your needs. Whatever the reason you may want to purchase CBD oil, if you feel that it can positively impact the quality of your life, a critical thing to do is find a quality supplier like Huntsboro Hemp.

The CBD Market is Rapidly Growing

The CBD market is growing at a fast rate. In a recent report, Brightfield Group identified various changes occurring across the CBD industry in the U.S. Brightfield Group is a top market research and consumer intelligence firm serving the legal CBD as well as cannabis industries. The research firm signaled that the CBD market was growing rapidly and is expected to hit $23.7 billion through 2023. Even Coca-Cola has a keen eye on the mounting interest in CBD and the potential to use it as an ingredient in its functional wellness beverages.

Kyle McLucas, AsSeenOnTV.pro, Product Manager said, “It’s no secret that the CBD market is booming. Kevin Harrington and his team of Product Managers have been conducting product evaluations on CBD for over a year, determining which products we believed to be superior and held 3rd party Certificates of Authenticity. Through our research department at our studio, I learned about Huntsboro Hemp Company in North Carolina. After several conversations with Susan Crews, Founder of Huntsboro and our in-studio product evaluation, we determined that this was a product line that warranted attention, and our VP, Tony Ferraro wanted to follow-up personally with this organization.”

Many organizations have commented on the shifting interest on CBD, particularly the increasing demand for the product. Amidst such market growth, there may be unscrupulous suppliers who may be out to reap from the unsuspecting consumer. The big question is, do people really understand what CBD is? Can individuals safely seek and identify the right CBD product to use?

The Misconception About CBD oil

People think that CBD will get them high because it is derived from a cannabis plant, however, that’s not the case. When buying CBD, you need to look at the percentage of THC, the compound that gets people high. CBD should have less than 0.3 percent THC.

When you buy your CBD from a company that begins the production of the products as an isolate like Huntsboro Hemp Company, you will have a product that is THC- free. CBD isolate is obtained by processing a hemp extract so that you remove all substances and plant material except CBD.

Huntsboro Hemp CBD products contain no THC. The company takes stringent measures to ensure that it only obtains industrial hemp that is less than 0.3 percent THC. For farmers to harvest an industrial hemp crop, it should have been tested and a Certificate of Analysis issued. Huntsboro Hemp also ensures that once it has processed the hemp, it is tested again to confirm that the THC is below 0.3 percent.

Huntsboro Hemp Company has received positive comments for its product. For example, Tony Ferraro, AsSeenOnTV.pro, Product Manager said, “We’ve been doing our share of research and keeping our finger on the pulse of the CBD industry. We’ve learned the many benefits of CBD; it can aid in physical pain, anxiety, inflammation and much more. It was our opinion that Huntsboro Hemp Company offers a selection of high-quality CBD products and will continue to experience continued growth and success. We were proud to have them featured at our Summer CBD Market in NYC and to assist in building their brand equity and distribution channels.”