Cheddar Life Talks Millennial Success Stories in DRTV with Brian Harrington

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Kevin Harrington (one of the original Sharks from megahit reality series Shark Tank), Brian Harrington and the Producers of are pleased to announce that Cheddar Life—a popular online talk show on the Cheddar network—will be highlighting millennial entrepreneurs who are applying classic DRTV marketing to the digital world, and reaping the rewards.

In marketing terms, millennials (those born between 1982 and 2004) are a hot commodity. As the largest generation ever, with over $200 billion in buying power, millennials have every company and media outlet clamoring for attention. While the perception may be that millennials don’t respond to traditional marketing, the fact is the internet is the greatest direct response medium of all—and no one knows that better than the crew at Kevin Harrington and

As Harrington’s son, Brian Harrington will be representing and appearing on Cheddar Life to share some of the success stories entrepreneurs are having with products geared towards millennials through DRTV campaigns. After a complete in-house production of :30 and :60 commercials featuring Kevin Harrington, the 15-month campaign kicks off airing for 3 months on national and regional TV, then 12 months on Harrington’s ecommerce site

“Over the years, the amount of time US consumers have spent away from TV watching digital media has tripled,” says CEO Doug Scott who, alongside Harrington, formulated’s campaign and deliverables. “TV is still a major stakeholder in millennial viewership but it doesn’t end there, you have to hit every angle with social media, streaming, games, apps, and so on to reach new buyers, boost branding, and ultimately land retail distribution.”

This week on Cheddar Life, Brian Harrington will be showcasing products from Maria Shireen, fashionable bracelets that double as hair tie holders, as well as 4D Clean Energy, an all-in-one energy and recovery product that tastes great with zero calories. Both brands have benefitedscreen-shot-2016-02-19-at-4-34-09-pm
tremendously from access to’s extensive Advisory Board, consisting of movers and shakers in the retail and live shopping industries. Brian Harrington will also introduce the new Blankillow, an all-in-one blanket and pillow, and Andre Walker, a Gold System hair care line developed by Oprah Winfrey’s personal hairstylist and currently sold exclusively at Target.

“Along with the rest of the Advisory Board, Brian and I work very closely with young innovators and entrepreneurs to understand how to leverage their DRTV campaign in a digital landscape,” says Lisa Vrancken, VP of Business Development at “We educate them on how important integrating DRTV with digital media has become, and how to bridge advertisers and audiences seamlessly between TV, mobile, and digital.”

Join Brian Harrington live on Cheddar Life this Monday, September 19th at 12:30 pm ET at and

About Cheddar Life

Cheddar Life is a new lunchtime talk show from Cheddar that broadcasts live from the Flatiron District in New York City. Cheddar Life explores all the latest and trending topics in food, fashion, entertainment, health and fitness, music, games, careers, and more. In addition to streaming on Cheddar and Facebook Live, the show is also available on Apple TV, Amazon, and Roku. Founded by former COO and President of BuzzFeed, Jon Steinberg, Cheddar is a news and entertainment network with a reach of over a million viewers and counting.

About Kevin Harrington

As the inventor of the infomercial, founder of As Seen on TV, and one of the original Sharks on Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington has worked with some of the world’s biggest celebrities and launched some of the best-selling DRTV campaigns in history. Since producing his first 30-minute infomercial in 1984, Harrington has been involved in over 500 product launches that have resulted in over $5 billion in sales. Now, in his latest venture with, Harrington is on the hunt for the best new products and ideas, bringing them to homes everywhere through personalized DRTV campaigns featuring the Shark.


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