Common Misconceptions about Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneur Misconceptions

Entrepreneurs are a misunderstood group. They are sometimes over-glorified while at the same time often over-vilified. The truth, in contrast to public perception, lies somewhere in the middle. Today I’d like to clear up some of the common myths about entrepreneurship.


  • You’ll Be Free of Constraints While it’s true that you’ll set the rules as a business owner, your responsibility increases exponentially.  Working extra-long hours and setting examples for your employees are some of the sacrifices you might have to make in order to keep your new business profitable.


  • You’ll Need to Do it all on Your Own

Many people think that entrepreneurship means doing it all yourself. Learning to delegate tasks to others and assembling the right team is crucial to taking your business to the next level.


  • You’ll Become Wealthy

While its possible entrepreneurship will result in financial success, its not necessarily a sure thing. Entrepreneurship requires drive, perseverance and a never give-up attitude.


  • You Must Have a Great Idea to Be an Entrepreneur

You don’t need to be “the next big thing” to run a successful business. Execution is just as important as the idea you have.


  • Entrepreneurs are Only Motivated by Money
    Many entrepreneurs are motivated by intellectual freedom, the ability to provide jobs and guidance to others, and to change things for the better.


  •  All Entrepreneurs are Extreme Risk TakersEntrepreneurship often begins from a job loss or life changing event and is the best option at the time. Others may find putting their ability to make income in someone else’s hands a risk in and of itself. While entrepreneurship is thought of as risky business, not all entrepreneurs see it that way!


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