What COVID-19 Means for Marketing

Digital Ad Placement

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Most major cable television providers in the U.S. also offer both telephone and internet subscriptions. Households that subscribe to these providers are usually ‘bundling’ together their TV, phone and internet services, very conveniently through that one provider. This also means that an advertiser can reach the members of those households they are specifically targeting, on every TV screen in the house, AND on their smartphones/computers/laptops/mobile devices. We also offer targeted placements of a :30 or :15 spot, whereby, the advertiser receives Guaranteed Impressions of the ad strictly according to the gender, age and interests of the audience that you are seeking, in a city you choose!

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You’ve heard for years now about the millions of U.S. households that have been ‘cutting the cord’ on the rising costs of their traditional cable and satellite television subscriptions/contracts.  Instead, those cord-cutters are now using On-Demand streaming services to watch their favorite networks and programs.   Over-the-Top streaming video and audio is the future of television and radio.  Reach your targeted consumers via OTT-CTV (Over-the-Top and Connected TV) examples; Hulu, Roku, AppleTV, Slingbox on targeted TV networks/programs for your demographic, in any city you choose!

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OOH – Out-of-Home

Besides on television and on-line, everywhere we physically go, we are exposed to thousands of daily advertisements. We can help you access your target audience with a variety of Out-of-Home (OOH) platforms, as well. Options include traditional highway and road billboard signage, commuter rail/subway signage, retail video screen signage, office buildings, hotels, airports, cinema, cruise ships, and even New York City’s Times Square! We have affordable options in any city you choose!