DRTV Success with Kevin Harrington


Direct Response Television, or DRTV, is any television advertising that asks consumers to respond directly to the company. Understanding how to manage a DRTV media can make or break a campaign. This requires the right media partner with the specialized knowledge needed from DRTV success. We are an ever-evolving, media-driven society with our minds constantly set to “on” mode. Our team led by Kevin Harrington, understands the importance behind the logistics of the 24/7 thought process, making DRTV outreach second nature. If you’re now asking yourself “What do I need to know to make DRTV part of my successful advertising campaign”, here are six helpful points to answer your question:


  1. Partnering with DRTV experts is the key to success. More than dozens of brand agencies have proposed to add DRTV to their long list of offered services to clients, but, it is important to note that DRTV is like playing football on a basketball court, it’s a whole other ball game. It requires extensive expertise and strategy that most agencies have not yet become proficient at.


  1. The juice is worth the squeeze with an expert DRTV media company. Like everything we tend to google today, Kevin Harrington stresses the importance of aligning your product with a carefully researched and accredited DRTV media company. You need to make sure they are supported by years of substantial positive client feedback. As we tell our potential participants, a good DRTV partner should always be willing to educate you about how integrating this effective marketing tool will bring awareness to your business.


  1. DRTV is no longer the “yell and sell” infomercial your mother remembers. Television has come a long way, and a real production company will always see the value in the product buy, as we have become a society connected at all times. Selling techniques and messages have gone from the gawking Richard Simmons and flashing 800 numbers, to high definition “cut to the chase” advertisements. Video advertisements go beyond the typical television screen and have begun to take to all social platforms to reach consumers that are always on the go. With the dramatic increase in attention to detail, DRTV is the latest and greatest in positive consumer responsiveness.


  1. Creates plan of action for your consumer. It is proven that DRTV commercials lead viewers to make a purchase. Though you may have a shorter time span to show off your brand’s product or service, these commercials actually help capture the consumer’s attention better than other forms of marketing. They push the consumer to take some sort of action immediately. Whether it is picking up the phone, visiting the website, or driving to their local store, consumers will always find some justification as to why they need what you’re selling with good DRTV.


  1. Adding Direct Response will give you the billion-dollar boost. The world of DRTV has brought billions of dollars in revenue to companies all over the United States. Part of this success is the significance of getting your brand to major stores such as Walmart and Home Depot– where some of our participant products presently thrive. Large companies have been known to spend $150 to $200 million just to create a brand. However, AsSeenOnTV.pro has successfully been known to assist in promotional efforts without creating a large dent in your budget.


  1. If you aren’t taking part in DRTV, your company is already losing. Competitors are already sweeping through the market and discovering the benefits of DRTV as each day passes. DRTV provides a direct channel of communication and technique of distribution that complements any current practiced marketing program. It does so without permanently discarding any other media content you’re providing.


We the staff of AsSeenOnTV.pro, are proud to be known as Kevin Harrington’s dream team, and always welcome the opportunity to take a product or service to the next level with our well-devised DRTV campaigns. For companies looking to integrate DRTV into your services, we advise examining how you can synergize this with your current marketing efforts. DRTV serves as a wonderful growth opportunity for your business, and an exciting challenge for long-term success.