What the Most Effective Ecommerce Websites Have in Common


In today’s competitive and convenience driven environment, consumers want to shop online from the comfort of their own home. An online shop is critical for businesses today. 51% of Americans prefer to do their shopping online, and this number continues to grow 23% year over year. For this reason, it is advisable to have a great online shop and make sure you are doing everything to optimize your visitors experience. Here are some of the features the most effective sites have in common:


Easy Checkout Process

An effective ecommerce site will make it easy for customers to make a purchase. This means a simple uncluttered design, limited steps to make a purchase, and assurances that their payments are secure. They also offer the option to check out as a guest, for those who choose not to create an account.


Show Their Products Advantages

Great ecommerce sites go the extra mile to demonstrate the advantage of their products. This means rich descriptions, images, and videos to show customers what they will receive and what problems the product will solve for them.


Easy to Navigate

The best ecommerce sites have a logical and easy to use navigation. Ecommerce sites can often face issues with navigation when they have a considerable amount of products. That said, with great site structure and thorough user experience testing you can avoid losing purchases due to poor navigational experience.


Live Stock Levels

Accurate levels of stock inventory displayed on the site not only avoid the disappointment a customer faces when the item they wanted is no longer available, but creates a sense of urgency and can drive sales when inventory levels begin to get low.


Offer Great Customer Service

Give visitors a way to reach out to you if they are having issues or have any questions before pulling the trigger and making a purchase. These can include adding a chat functionality to your site and a phone number where visitors can reach a customer service representative.


Mobile Responsive

All of the top ecommerce websites are optimized for mobile user experience. Offering a seamless user experience on mobile is perhaps the most critical step to take when creating an ecommerce site today. A responsive design not only eliminates usability issues for those visiting on their phones, but also ranks better on search engines.


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