Elephant in a Box Success Story

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Dear Kevin Harrington & Team at Fortune Media Group,

The Elephant in a Box herd, wants to express our gratitude for your trust and support. As a new company with an innovative technology, building trust is one of the key factors for success.

We literally connected when we had only a few weeks in the market, and it was clear to us this was the beginning of a long term relationship. The opportunity to work with all of you to create what is our first ad, and more over scale our business, was and has been absolutely amazing. Everyone in the team is so knowledgeable, professional and experienced, making things look and feel easy.

From the get-go, we knew this was much more than a commercial, that you were with us for the long run, adding true and tangible value to help us grow. We are at the very early stages of the partnership and we have already been connected with a potential partner to help us develop our retail strategy and increase our reach significantly.
As entrepreneurs, it’s invaluable to know that other successful entrepreneurs are willing to share their knowledge and their experience, as much as their social and business capital to help upcoming companies grow.

Our ad was shot in the middle of the pandemic, which is already a big achievement and sign of the team’s professionalism and commitment. Due to some restrictions it was hard to get a few shots the way we were hoping to, well, that was not a problem for Scott and his post-production team who worked hard and used their magic to make it happen. Our ad ended up being exactly what we envisioned! At Elephant in a Box, we know that things won’t always go as planned, how we react to those situations is what makes a difference.

In summary, we are profoundly grateful for partnering with you. We can’t wait to see how Elephant in a Box continues growing and be a living example of how smart and value-add partnerships on the early days can have an outsized impact on the company’s future success.

Here’s to you all!

With love,

The Elephant in a Box Herd

Daniela Terminel
Co-founder & CEO