Find out the Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about DRTV/ BRTV

What is Direct and Brand Response Television (DRTV/ BRTV)?

They are defined as any type of television advertising of a product or service that asks the consumer to respond directly to the company either by phone or website. There are two types of DRTV/ BRTV television commercials, short-form (generally 120 seconds or less) and long-form (generally 15 – 30 minutes) infomercials. Our DRTV/ BRTV campaigns utilize short-form.

How Did You Find our Product?

Kevin Harrington is always looking for the next great product or service. Kevin and his research team search online, trade shows, articles, press releases, bloggers, product reviews and other resources. Our product evaluators discuss the product or service potential, and whether it meets the DRTV/ BRTV criteria.

How Do I Know If My Product or Service is Right for DRTV/ BRTV?

During the review process we evaluate the product and or service based on a variety of factors. We look for uniqueness, Wow Factor, mass audience appeal, visually demonstrable or easy to educate on television and priced competitively.

What are the Benefits of DRTV/ BRTV Campaigns?

Displaying a product or service on television comes with many benefits. Television is still the most powerful medium to position your product or service in front of millions of people. Traditional television commercials cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. DRTV/ BRTV campaigns cost a fraction of that amount. Today, video content is considered king for creating a powerful online presence and brand awareness.

How Are the Networks for the DRTV/ BRTV Campaign Determined?

We purchase airtime through a nationally recognized media buyer, securing DRTV/ BRTV spots weeks in advance of airings. Our commercial spots are from networks and cable providers and other media sellers in most of the top markets across the country. We work collaboratively with our participants and they choose the cable networks and markets that specifically target their demographic.

What are The Participant Requirements for the DRTV/ BRTV Campaign?

The requirements for participants are minimal – we handle the lion’s share of the work. Participants sign-off on a 1-page Participation Agreement, complete a Product or Service Information Form (questionnaire), choose their cable networks and markets from two checklists we provide, approve each phase of production, which includes Pre-Production (script development), Production (coordinating the shoot date, securing talent, location and filming) and Post-Production (editing). Participants provide product photos, sales materials, samples, brochures, print advertising, logos and the appropriate website address.

When Are The Licensing Rights of the DRTV/ BRTV Spots Issued?

Participants receive a copy of the DRTV/ BRTV spots once the editing process is complete and upon final edit approval. We encourage all participants to leverage their spots on their website, social media, press releases and other marketing initiatives.