Finance Your Small Business Growth

Prestige CapitalI was thrilled when a client of mine in the consumer products industry introduced me to the team at with Kevin Harrington, the creator of infomercials which have entertained us all over the years, is a legend. He has been instrumental in creating awareness of some amazing products which now, thanks to him, are household names.  As a huge fan of Shark Tank, it was exciting to watch him interact with entrepreneurs on the show, advise them, and invest in the most promising ones. That’s why I am delighted that I am now part of the family, helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

I understand the importance of building your brand equity to take your product to the next level.  I also understand that once you’ve taken your product to the next level, you may need to do the same with your financing. Here’s how I can help the participants of the campaigns once you’ve secured the coveted PO….

Many business owners think that they need equity to grow their business. But why dilute your ownership when your valuation isn’t strong? It’s often difficult for startups to find the right investors they need because their product or service has yet to be proven in the marketplace. Investors like to see some sales figures to show economic viability before risking their money on a new venture. Without sales, it can be hard or even impossible to demonstrate that there will be future revenue. Another challenge startups face when they need to acquire funding is the difficulty in predicting how consumers will react to the product without first putting it in front of them.

Even at an early stage, you have options.

One way to finance your business growth is by working with a finance company such as Prestige Capital to get advances on your accounts receivables to generate cash flow. If you require financing to fill your order, we can partner with a purchase order finance company to pay your supplier. As the Director of Sales, North America at Prestige I have had the privilege of funding consumer products companies such as;  a celebrity owned liquor brand, a probiotics company for preventative health, and hair care products, and even Ronco….arguably the first informercial company in the US,  to name just a few. In fact, over Prestige’s 35-year history we have financed thousands of consumer product companies that have grown into successful brands. We do it by valuing the credit-worthiness of your customers and looking at whether they pay their bills in a timely fashion.

At Prestige Capital, we have a term that I like to use. Our financing is “like an ATM for your invoices.” Here’s how it works. You sell an invoice to Prestige, and we advance cash. This gives you the ability to pay your supplier in a timely manner and not miss a beat. As your orders grow, you’ll be able to take those orders knowing that Prestige will advance funds on those larger and larger orders. As the saying goes, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

It’s exciting to see clients grow as a result of the cash flow that Prestige has provided to them. That is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Seeing brands that I have funded on store shelves- knowing that Prestige helped them get to where they need to be.

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