There are many great products out there. Finding the right product that will be successful is the challenge. There are various avenues that Kevin executes on to assist a company in their upward trajectory.

They can include such things as:
  1. Securing Television Shopping Networks (Shop NBC, QVC, QVC Italy, HSN and over 20 other shopping channels currently operating around the world).
  2. Additional Revenue opportunities from digital marketing, Amazon and catalogs.
  3. An exclusive opportunity for a Celebrity endorsement and/or influencer testimonials that are commonly used to increase a brand’s visibility. It’s a fact that using a celebrity in your advertising or promotion can draw greater attention to your product or service. As the pioneer behind the infomercial, author of a #1 best selling book, being a key person of influence, and an original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin works with companies, products, and services that he believes are unique and offer solutions to everyday problems. For companies that aligned with his criteria of a good product or service, he may consider filming a testimonial in his authentic voice.
    Ubertherm Testimonial
    LifeVac Testimonial
  4. Possibility of long-form 30 minute infomercials.