There are many great products out there. Finding the right product that will be successful is the challenge. In the course of his career, Kevin Harrington has evaluated thousands of early-stage consumer products, and in his experience as an equity investor, he has seen countless consumer successes. Before getting involved, he needs to understand from first-hand users what they like about the product and what void it fills. He also looks to understand the growth and growth potential of the company. Ultimately, he needs to obtain as much information as possible about the business, the industry, the management team and the product itself.

There are various avenues that Kevin executes on. They can include such things as:
  1. Additional Television Shopping Networks (Shop NBC, QVC, QVC Italy, HSN and over 20 other shopping channels currently operating around the world).
  2. Additional Revenue opportunities from Internet marketing, Amazon, catalogs, and mobile app programs.
  3. Possibilities for additional celebrity endorsement options.
  4. Possibility of long-form 30 minute infomercials.
The scope of these possibilities will depend partly on your stage of development and whether Kevin feels that your product could be something big. By partnering with us, you’re allowing Kevin Harrington and our team to evaluate and find the next great product.